When we become aware of our thoughts, we have the power to accept or reject them, ultimately shaping our lives.

Throughout our lives, we go through many ups and downs. Others who we trust might be aware of these times, and others may not. Regardless of the time, circumstance, or condition that we are in, we are constantly sifting through our thoughts. Every person has between 50,000-70,000 thoughts per day or 35-48 thoughts per minute. Some of these thoughts we are aware of and some we are not, regardless, that’s a lot of thoughts to sort through.

As an empowered human being, we have the power to accept or reject any thought that comes into our mind. You have control over everything that comes into it. I can choose to accept that I never get anything right or I can accept that I am enough. I can reject the thoughts of doubt, worry, or fear and replace them with thoughts of safety, love, and peace. I have the power to change my mindset.

I continue to become more and more aware of my thoughts and get faster and faster at changing my mindset into a positive one. It is amazing what an impact positive thoughts can have on your life, the relationships that you have, and the way you approach a situation or person. My challenge for you this month is to try and be more aware of what you’re saying to yourself and what you’re thinking. Are you beating yourself up or are you finding the gift in the situation? When you have a negative thought, automatically change it into a positive one and see how it can change your outlook on life. “