Hello lovely friends!

As of the day that I’m writing this blog, it is the first day of the last weekend of rehearsals for HeARTbeat! I’ve been working with the Dance Experience and it has been an interesting experience. Dance is something that I feel everyone has a little bit in them. Whether it’s doing a little booty shake or pointe, I think dance lives in us all in some way.

It has been amazing to see these teens be so full of life and for them to become so much more aware of their movement, to see how grandeur and subtlety can be amazing tools. I am so excited by what they have come up with and the heart that each of them has poured into the pieces.

Even more impressive, two of the dances have music written by the Music Experience. One song was written first and the Dance Experience teens choreographed a dance with just as much heart as the music. The other was choreographed first and then the music was written. When I saw them performed together for the first time, even with it not being quite polished yet, I was floored. The two methods have both churned out amazing pieces that I am so excited to see and have this city see.

This event is one of the things that had me excited about joining the PFO team from the beginning. To see all of this dance, music, and art come together to celebrate some of Charlotte’s best non-profits is truly amazing. This city is amazing. And think what we can do when all of our hearts beat as one.