Hello Journey Group! Today was our 3rd committee meeting as well as the Visual Arts Buddy Event. During the committee meeting Chef Barry from Queen City Mobile Market came to visit us and showed us how to do demos.The recipe he created was an orzo pasta with chicken, broccoli, and a nice cream sauce. It tasted great! I also learned some great tips for when I complete my demo, for example, have everything prepared beforehand, that way I can communicate with the audience more throughout. Afterwards we had the A-wards ceremony and I was awarded Teen of the Week! It was such an honor to get this award; it made me feel special and loved. PFO truly provides a comfortable and safe environment where everyone feels great about themselves. Next was the Visual Arts Buddy Event. Shamus was shy at first, but he opened up as we visited more stations. His favorite station was the one where we made putty, we had a great time tossing the ball of putty back and forth. We also won tickets to see an IMAX movie together! Today was an amazing Saturday with PFO! Thanks for reading, until next time!