Hey Journey Group! Today was another buddy event and I can’t explain how proud of my buddy partner I am. Paige blows me away with her openness and kindness. When I was a new buddy partner, I had no idea what I was doing or how to work with kids with disabilities. She is so awesome and is putting her all in. Paige has made me realize that I can go into any situation with confidence and it might not all be smooth sailing, but it makes everything so much easier, and i really want that for myself. I could not have asked for a better partner. Even though I’m the one who is supposed to mentor her, she has made a bigger impact on me.

  • You and Paige are so good with Sophie! She adores you both and is constantly bringing us your pictures and pointing to them. She can’t wait to play with you again. I never would have known that you did not have experience working with kids with disabilities. You and Paige are both naturals and your enthusiasm and kindness is contagious. Thank you for bringing my daughter such happiness!