Oh my gosh…today was spectacular. My committee won the costume contest. Chef Berry came and gave us a demo…the food was AMAZING!! He was really chill & funny but he was also very informative. Then we had our Lifetalk…this has been my favorite one by far. I just really learned a lot from it and it was just great. It really made me think, and it really hit home for me. It was about how you percieve yourself and how others perceive you. It was really good. We then all circled up and went up to a person we hope to be like because of blank. Two people came up to me. It made me really happy. I gave mine to the lovely Kaylan. I hope to one day be confident in myself and to be as happy as she is. Thanks for an amazing day, Pfoers. Love love love all of you guys.
~Peace, Ava DeVine