Today was our third committee meeting and our third buddy event. In our committee meeting, I learned a lot about photoshop. It was amazing to see what a little change in photoshop can do for pictures. In our committee, we also talked more about the photos we took for our non-profits. After committee meetings, we had an amazing Lifetalk about how we always compare ourselves to others. I learned that instead of comparing myself to others, I should instead tell myself something I like about that person that I would like for myself. Later in the day we had a Visual Arts Buddy Event. Unfortunately, my buddy, Yasmin, couldn’t make it today. However, Libby and I made a picture frame for Yasmin with a picture of the three of us in it. Hopefully she will be very excited about it next time we see her. I got to work at the milk painting and salt painting stations and help the buddies and their buddy partners with the craft. It was great to see the smiling faces of the buddies as they tried new ways of painting. It really showed me how we are all making a difference in the buddies lives. Also, by observing how the other teens work with their buddies, I learned a lot of new techniques to work with my buddy. Thanks for reading, Louisa Stein