Hey again! I hope you guys are really doing my special weekly missions, beacuse they really are impactful! This weekend we had a buddy event where I got to see my buddy for a second time. His name is Kaleb. Kaleb has a little sister named Lauren. The three of us set off on an adventure to make monster sock puppets. I let go for a few hours and was my complete 8 year old self again. I had a lot of fun with the both of them. What I realized was that I needed that play session of being completely silly with them. I had forgotten what it means to have fun and play lately. So this week I would like you to stop what you are doing and pick up that fun past time you have been putting off. Trust me, the work will be there when you get back. I challenge you to take time this week and let loose and relax, because you deserve it. Thanks for reading, Journey Group. Remember to ABC (Always Be Celebrating)!
In Gratitude, Zarya 🙂