Hey Journey Group! I hope your week has been good, I know mine has been extremely busy. Last Saturday we had a very eye opening Lifetalk about comparisons and self love and how those things, while natural, can limit you in many ways. You can aspire to be something, but that doesn’t mean you have to think negatively about yourself just because you aren’t like that in that very moment. At the end of the Lifetalk, we all gathered in a circle and said “_____ is so _____, and I want that for myself”. My good friend Julia is one of the most dedicated and loyal people I know, so while going into the middle of the circle to deposit a coin, I said,”Julia is so dedicated, and I want that for myself.” and it felt awkward and bad to compare myself to others when people were in the room, so why should I do it when I’m alone? Later on, as more people went, somebody walked into the circle and said,” JOSIE is so dedicated, and I want that for myself.” This made me so happy and I really appreciated it- and it turns out that what was at the bottom of the bowl that we deposited our coins in was a mirror. The point being that you can only see in others what you have in yourself. So, as the week goes on and you find yourself making comparisons, please remember this important fact. Thats it for now, thank you!!