Hey Journey Group! Today was our third committee meeting and buddy event! At my committee meeting I got to learn about photo editing, which is something I have always been curious about, but never really had the chance to learn about…until today! My favorite part of the day was the buddy event. This buddy event has honestly been my favorite one so far. I’m so glad that Lexi was willing to do every single arts activity we offered. From us making a dog sock puppet to creating bubble art, Lexi was willing to do it all! (I also learned that her favorite color is purple.. She looovvess purple!) Even if she did not feel comfortable with touching some of the crafts, she still put her best foot forward and participated in the craft. This really spoke to me and taught me that you don’t have to completely give up on something just because one thing goes wrong or you think it will. Lexi showed me this throughout the entire event today, so thank you, Lexi. 🙂 I cannot wait for the next buddy event!