Hey Journey group! Hope all is well. Our third buddy event was today! My buddy, Mary, took full advantage of today. She loves silly crafts! We made some silly goo, an awesome green crayon, and a rockin’ picture frame that had a picture of Mary, Julianne, and I in it! We saw her creativity go to work and it made me a bit nostalgic, seeing how just by making goo she was so at ease and happy. Mary truly has an adventurous/creative spirit that is amazing to watch. Seeing her smile has now become a number one goal of mine for whenever we’re together! Throughout the day, I realized one thing about Mary, and that one thing is that she is so ready to try new things. If she didn’t understand something at first, she would continue to ask questions and understand things better/completely instead of just giving up. Also, at the end of the buddy event, Mary gave me one of her legendary hugs. Her hugs will honestly make your day go from normal to fantastic! I am so happy to have met her and can’t wait for the next buddy event!