Hey Journey Group! I hope all is going swell! We just had our 3rd buddy event. It was our Visual Art Buddy Event (my favorite, personally). My buddy Sara’s mom had a booth at the event doing live pottery. Sara was very much attached to her mom at first, and it was hard to pull her away. But we soon found out that the very next day she would be turning 16! We celebrated by jumping and running around and then we came across an art station. At this station they were making wands out of ribbon. Myself and my buddy parnter, Kate, told Sara that the wand was her birthday wand and that for the day she could cast spells on Kate and I. We had a blast going from craft to craft. But my favorite part of the whole day was at the end when Brandy, the advisor in charge of the Buddy Program, gave a special anncoument! When she said “Tomorrow is someone very special’s birthday” Sara shot right out of her seat and ran up to the front of the room screaming with joy. It was so amazing to see the huge smile on her face! When it was time to say goodbye Sara was the one that gave me and Kate a hug. And in that moment I knew that I had created a safe place for her and that was my greatest hope!