Hi again, Journey Group! One thing that PFO has taught me is that “you become the leaders you learn from”. My first year of PFO I, still to this day, remeber the Comparisons Lifetalk. It was so powerful to me and it still impacts me. Well, this year, I did the Comparisons Lifetalk for everyone. It went so well and I think that it really hit home for a lot of people and made the impact that it made on me my first year. It’s amazing how the ripple effect works and how you can impact people without even realizing it. I hope that people today were inspired by my Lifetalk and one day choose to lead it when they are a Small Group Leader. I feel so grateful that I am able to pass down what I have learned from my leaders to other people, so they can be inspired to be a leader too. Thanks for tuning in this week Journey Group! Love you lots!