Hey Journey Group! So yesterday was the Visual Art Buddy Event, and I was so excited to spend time with Avery since I had missed the last event. Grace, my PFO partner, and I had some trouble redirecting Avery into some of the activities at first, because all she wanted to do was run around. I really wanted to help her with her focus and self-control with the crafts, so I asked her dad for some help with engaging her in the different rooms, and he helped us tremendously. Grace and I work so well together, and from that point on we had a blast. Avery was able to fully commit and engage in 5 different crafts and they looked wonderful. I had this accomplished feeling like I never had before, and I know Grace felt the same way. I realized that I not only helped Avery settle down, but I know it was good for her as a person, and it was an overall healthy day for her. I was so happy for Avery for listening to Grace and I and understanding the rules of the event. She was also able to understand that there will always be time for running around and also time for constructive events. I love our relationship, and I truly do look forward to meeting with her every month. I cannot wait until what November brings, but I am ready to learn, explore, and grow in my relationship with Avery and Grace! Thank you so much for reading and I’ll talk to you soon!