Hello Journey Group! Yesterday was our buddy event and it was so much fun. It was our Visual Art event so there were many fun things to do. When Annabelle first got there we did salt and milk art. I think Belle enjoyed both activities and she decorated the salt art for her dad which was super sweet. In the main room they had stations where we made Gloop, play-dough, and these crayons where you can write in your shower. Belle loved to make and keep all of the things we did. She was especially interested in the pottery station where the lady made cups and bowls. She has never done pottery before, besides making little pinch pots, so she was amazed. We were there for about 15 min and I just loved watching her be so interested and asking so many questions. Belle is one of the nicest little girls I have ever had the pleasure of spending time with and I am excited to get to know her even more.