Yesterday at our PFO life talk, we discussed comparisons and how we should think about others. As people, we often think “Wow. ‘Blank’ is ‘blank’er than me.” However this is how we put ourselves down through comparisons and make us feel worse about ourselves. Instead, the way we should speak is “‘Blank’ is ‘blank’ and I want that for myself”. It really challenges me to change my perspective, and it made me want to build others up while setting reachable goals for myself. Towards the end of the life talk, we went around a big circle and made a statement about someone else, and how you wanted that for yourself. Telling my friend Sophie I admired her beautiful personality and having people tell me they admired my energy made me feel uplifting and uplifted. The last thing we learned was that you can’t see something in another person that you don’t already have in yourself. It made me realize that self love and love for others are connected, and they decrease and increase together.