Hey Journey Group, this past weekend has been jam packed with PFO. Friday we had our birthday celebration and today we had our committee meeting and Visual Art Buddy Event! What reminded me of the retreat week and how excited I was for PFO was today’s Lifetalk. Our sessions leading up to this week have been all about differentiating negative things we say to ourselves and positive and how sometimes the lines gets blurred. At the end of our Lifetalk today we gathered in a huge circle. Whenever someone was ready, they would say “________ is _______ and I would like that for myself” then we would go into the middle and pick up a coin from the pot. This symbolized by saying those statements instead of negative comparisons like “_____ is so much _____er than me” gives you self value, instead of devaluing yourself. PFO has never failed to have me leaving with a larger, more confident smile on my face than when I arrived, and for that I am oh so thankful. (: