Hello, yet again, Journey group!! We had another committee meeting, the third so far! This time, Cookbook got a special treat! Chef Barry, who runs Queen City Mobile market, one of the non-profit groups we are honoring this year, came to us to help us figure out how to do demonstrations for our dishes! He made a dish with chicken, broccoli, a tiny pasta with a name I can’t remember, and some other seasonings. His demonstration was wonderful, and the food was delicious. I had two of the 2 ounce cups he brought in! While our committee meetings were going on, our parents had a life talk. When they finished, we came into the big room and figured out the winner of today’s costume contest. Cookbook won for the second week in a row, which was wonderful! After that finished, the buddy event for this month began. My buddy, Katie, wasn’t able to come today, but I had a super fun time! I worked the ribbon wand station with Jackie! It was really fun to talk to her, and I also was able to meet a lot of people’s buddies. Everybody was super cool to hang around. All in all, today was super great, and I can’t wait for the next meetings! Arrivederci, JG!!