Hi Journey Group! Today we had a committee meeting and then a buddy event, which was a formula for a great PFO day. Today was the Visual Art Buddy Event and my buddy parnter Trevor and I were ready to have a great time with our buddy, but when Keon arrived at the event, he was shy and closed off. Trevor and I were not discouraged, and we set out on a mission to make sure Keon had a great time. We did so many different crafts such as bubble art, sock puppets, making magic wands, and string art. With each craft we did, Keon seemed to become more and more open and by the end of the event we were laughing and dancing to the song “Happy”. Trevor and I made jokes and bounced off eachother’s ideas and it was our combined teamwork that created such a safe and fun space for Keon. I realized how lucky I am to have Trevor as an amazing buddy partner and how I really can achieve anything through teamwork.