Hey Journey Group, Niyah here, and I wanted to share a little with you guys about my awesome buddy event. So as most of you guys know, I have an amazing buddy named Drew who is about 9 years old. This past buddy event was visual art themed and it was so much fun. We started the buddy event with a few new things like decorating cards using shaving cream and dish soap which Drew thought was really cool, but what amazed all of us, including Drew, Will and I was the pottery wheel.The three of us were immediately intrigued by this spinning wheel of clay. It was nice to watch Drew try something new and really get his hands dirty and not only him, it was a new experience for all us! Im so glad I got to share that experience with Drew and my buddy partner Will. It was something I will never forget and is definitely a potential idea for the three of us to hang and do outside of PFO. Sincerely, Niyah