Hello Journey Group! Today we had the Visual Art Buddy Event! I’ve been facetiming my buddy all week, and she was SO super excited for the event. She even brought her in-process Halloween costume so we could finish it! She’s going to be a zombie bride, so she brought this big poofy white dress. My buddy partner Katie, and Zoe, and I all went outside and got to splatter with red paint. The best moment, though, was when we decided that we would all go trick-or-treating together. Not only that, but Katie and I are going to be zombie bridesmaids! Zoe was excited and happy, and it made me excited and happy about Halloween, which used to be one of my favorite holidays. I am so grateful to Zoe for reminding me how much I loved dressing up as a kid, and that I still can. She has taught me so much about myself, and always reminds me that I don’t need to let go of my inner child. Thank you so much, Journey Group!