Hey Journey Group! This past Saturday was the third committee meeting, as well as the Visual Art Buddy Event. The committee meeting included a Lifetalk session on comparisons. It was by far one of the most powerful Lifetalks I’ve seen in PFO. Sonia and Trevor, the leaders of the session, had about ten teens come up to the front and stand behind a line of caution tape. I was one of these teens. We were then instructed to make a comparison to another teen in the room by saying, “____ is so much more ____ than I am.” This was incredibly painful to watch the other teens throw away their self-worth as they compared themselves to others. Not only was it awkward, but I felt so empty and belittled after I made my comparison. It really raised my awareness of how often I unconsciously compare myself and pick out everything that I am lacking. The session ended with advice on how to see something in someone that you want for yourself without devaluing your own characteristics. The Lifetalk also helped me grasp that you can’t recognize an attribute in someone else without first having it in yourself.