Hey Journey Group! What’s up? So today in PFO we talked about self worth specifically regarding comparisons to other people. We talked about how lots of times we define ourselves and give ourselves worth by comparing ourselves to others. I thought this was interesting because I recently read an article called “On Self Respect” by Joan Didion (I highly encourage y’all to read it). By combining this article and what I learned from PFO, I realized that the way to give ourselves worth is not by comparing ourselves to others, but by having the self awareness and self confidence to realize and affirm our strengths and challenges. In school, especially with college applications looming, it is easy to compare myself to my peers and to my grades, however, I no longer think this is the correct way to value myself. So, my goal for this month, especially is to define myself not by grades given to me, or comparisons to other people, but by being aware of who I am and my worth.