Today was a ton of fun. Will and I interviewed about eight people. Since there was a constricted amount of time we couldn’t spend as much time as we wanted with each person to get all the details. There were a few interviews that I wish had gone better and more material, but that’s nothing a follow up interview can’t fix. On a more positive note, we had quite a few really amazing interviews that gave us a lot of detail and provided enough material to create a great story. I am really happy that I was chosen to be in Anthology because it not only allows me to expand my writing skills, but it also allows me to meet new people, which was one of my goals in PFO. Our entire committee meeting was spent interviewing people and I don’t think that the time could’ve been better spent doing anything else. The Anthology book that is coming out this year is going to be the first of its kind and I am so excited to see it flourish.