Today we had our first parent Lifetalk. The Lifetalk was the same that we had for the teens the two previous meetings, but it was combined into one for the parents. It was so interesting to see the parent’s perspective on the idea of accepting and rejecting thoughts and how our thoughts lead to our feelings which lead to our actions. It was a perspective that I had never heard and I was intrigued by the discussion. It was also interesting leading the small group discussion with parents. They had some really great things to say about the Lifetalk and about the questions we were asked. The most interesting discussion rooted from the yellow person activity. It was crazy to see how a lot of the parents blue level was around where teens had said their blue level was the previous week. My biggest take away from this experience is to remember that everyone has different levels of blue at different times. And that while my blue may be in one place, my mom’s blue may be in another place and it’s important to remember that she has these feelings just as much as I do and to recognize that is huge. The parent talk also reminded me of how getting to be 100% yellow is a life long process, and everyone has off days. But it’s important to remember the ripple effect of those days and to not fake it until you make it, but to fake it until you become it.