Hi Journey Group! Today we had our third buddy event and it was a huge hit with Trenton! At the last two buddy events, we weren’t able to do as much because of his chair, but we did bond a lot. Today we were able to do ALL the activities and Trenton was more excited about it than ever before. His favorite thing was the pottery wheel, which is amazing because at first he was apprehensive about the messiness of it. We were rolling past it on our way to the next station and he watched the other kids do it for a while, mesmerized by the spinning pile of clay. Then he rolled himself over to the wheel, without encouragement from either Tyler or I, and stuck his hands right in. This made me realize that opportunities for growth and fun are all around, if you stop long enough to notice them. We were on our way out the door, thinking about a station we hadn’t even seen, and almost missed the best part of the event. Even though Trenton was nervous at first, he ended up loving it, which inspires me to be braver and more open-minded in my life.