Hey all! It’s been a busy week for PFO, and for me too! I came late to the committee meeting, but just in time to see this week’s Lifetalk. It was fantastic, and got pretty deep at some points. At the end, we gathered in a big circle and each of us said something like “________ (PFO teen), you are _____, and I want that for myself.” This is something we say a lot in PFO, and being able to go around and hear what other people recognize about myself and the other teens is always wonderful to hear. At the end, the two teens leading it told us that we can only see in others what is already in ourselves. Which, I think is a really important message, because if I see confidence, joy, or talent in others – I must have it within me somewhere to be able to recognize that. So, this week I want to leave you all with a little thought. We can be anything we see in others – so let’s challenge ourselves to have the qualities that we like in other people 🙂 See you later Journey Group!