Hi Journey Group! Today we had a Lifealk, which means that the co-presidents of PFO gave us a lesson valuable for our life that we will surely use throughout our lives. They taught us that comparing yourself to others is equal to devaluing yourself. This meant a lot to me because, just like many others, I compare myself often to those that have a quality I desire. People were called up to the front of the room to compare themselves to someone else in the room that had a quality they wanted, and an abundant amount of people in the room became emotional. We were told to, instead of asking ourselves devaluing questions like “Why can’t I be more like her?”, we think of it as “I like how she is…. and I want to have that for myself.”. We were instructed to go and tell the people that we admire the things we admire about them. It was so breathtaking! It is definitely a lesson I intend to carry throughout my life, and I’m glad that I have PFO to share those lessons with me.