Hello Journey Group! Today was our third committee meeting of the year, and it went absolutely fantastically. Today, we split off into groups and got to work on nailing down details about our story. Will and I were the artist group, and we sat outside and worked on some really awesome concept sketches for the settings! After each group finished their ideas, we reconvened and shared our writing and drawings. Our story is coming to life and each committee meeting it just gets filled with more wonder and creative ideas! After the committee meeting, we had an incredibly powerful Lifetalk about comparisons. We began by making comparisons between ourselves and other teens, and eventually graduated to not comparing ourselves negatively, but telling people “You are ______ and I want that for myself”! This was a really touching moment for me, and it was an incredibly vulnerable and powerful moment for me and everyone else in the room. I’m so grateful for PFO and the teens in PFO for giving me the opportunity to be vulnerable and emotional, and to have an incredibly safe space where people will accept me for being vulnerable and emotional!