Dear Loved Ones,

Happy Holidays! ‘Connecting Charlotte’ @ LaCa Projects Gallery on this past November 18th was unreal. The sold-out house of 400-plus attendees were treated to an inspiring glimpse into what PFO has been up to this year, and the main event was beyond. The uber-talented Slam Committee advisors Hannah Hasan & Derrick Hines challenged and mentored the teens to deliver Slam pieces that truly illuminated their Non-Profit honorees. These teens have some powerful voices, strong words and even stronger hearts. They dealt with difficult issues with such grace, beauty, positivity and consistency that you had to pinch yourself to remember this wasn’t some professional Slam event with veterans of the craft…or maybe it was. The night was about making an Impact – building of our community, and as the advisors pointed out at our weekly meeting the next Thursday night, the support they showed to each other during and after the performances was breathtaking. We knew the night was sure to be a success going in and it ended up far surpassing any adjectives we could have written above.

There will be special film pieces to be produced from this night so please stay tuned for those, and spending a few moments watching these teens do their thing on the mic will undoubtedly give you a glimpse into the impact of PFO – which is the power of these teens – and how they are currently in the midst of changing the world. We’re thankful to be a part of their path.

In Gratitude,
Levin & Alexis