“Who am I?” and “How will I give of that?” are the questions woven through all of PFO’s programming. To help teens answer the second question, PFO offers teens ongoing opportunities to give of themselves. Below are just some of the ways PFO teens give back.


  • Developing a relationship with a child with a disability or their sibling
  • Leading workshops for full group
  • Serving as a co-chair to lead their peers
  • Serving as a small group leader to cultivate relationships with in their group of teens
  • Serving as a corporate sponsor committee member to develop partnerships with local corporations
  • Research and pick a local nonprofit to receive a donation from PFO


  • Bringing the story of other nonprofits to life through spoken word, visual art, dance, music and photography
  • Serving on committees
  • Performing spoken word pieces at nonprofit events in the community
  • Writing original songs and performing them at outside fundraisers
  • Leading workshops for arts experiences
  • Create financial video updates to support PFO’s transparency
  • Represent and speak about PFO in the community


Each year PFO teens gather together in birthday months and pitch a local non-profit they are passionate about. The group votes and the winning non-profit receives a financial gift from PFO. This program models the treasure part of philanthropy and gives our teens a voice in how we can make a financial impact in our community.