The More We Love Ourselves, The More We Love Others

I’ve been spending a lot of time loving on myself lately. One way that I do this is by giving myself space to be happy. Recently, in a PFO training call with the amazing life coach Pam Burton, I learned about upper limits. As I understand them, upper limits are the limitations that we place on ourselves when we are feeling too happy or too accomplished. When I’m in a space of complete happiness and success, I have the tendency to wait for that other shoe to drop. I get in a place of…. everything is going well…so there is something treacherous waiting around the corner. I sabotage my own happiness.

I am now working to eliminate that kind of thinking. It doesn’t help me any. It requires that I exist in a space of fear and it hinders my progress. I don’t want that for me. I want to chase fearlessly after my dreams. I want to enjoy the ride there, and I want to feel joy when I reach my destination. I also want to acknowledge that difficult times will come. I will face troubling moments that shake me to my core, but I will find my way back to peace. Also, I want to acknowledge that in those difficult moments, I am not required to fall apart. I can be brave through challenges. I can forgive people who hurt me. I can be kind to myself and kind to others as I deal with what life may send my way.

I am finding that loving myself makes it so much easier for me to love others. A major piece of loving myself is in forgiving myself. As I forgive myself for past mistakes, for relationships that did not pan out and for anything else that requires absolution; I free myself to forgive others.

Love is a beautiful journey that gets more and more magnificent with time. It frees me to give others and myself the chance to be human. It helps me to understand that we all make mistakes. It doesn’t take anything for me to forgive or to give people a space to change. In doing so, I love without limits and bounds.