I’m sipping herbal tea while listening to my bandmate’s vulnerable tenor voice being captured over an instrumental we recorded earlier in the week. This is heaven.

We’re in Athens, Georgia working with with an engineer/producer we’ve both admired for quite some time (he’s worked on some of our favorite records by some of our biggest influences). I mean, this guy’s a wizard or something. I’m watching him record tracks and edit them with speeds unimaginable; and I’m listening to my partner in art deftly weave his voice and thoughts in and around the floating tapestry of rhythm and melody we co-created, and I can’t help but be overtaken by a warm sense of appreciation for the dedicated mastery present in this room. The level of respect I have for these behemoth talents and their enthusiastic acceptance of my contributions bring to focus the immense amount of inspired, deliberate, focused, and consistent action that brought we three individuals to this collective moment.

As grateful as I am to be having this moment at this point in my life, I am equally grateful that the PFO teens are being equipped to have multiple moments like this even earlier in their lives. The steady stream of opportunities they’re being presented with to take conscious action and be held accountable will help them develop healthier habits, allowing them the freedom to grow in their passion and joy. We need them, and the world is waiting for us to reflect unconditional love to each other more often. Dust off your mirrors and jump in: the water’s fine.