Hello friends,

Wow…so many amazing things going on in our world and PFO is BIG on the list.

It’s truly amazing how you never stop learning! PFO has become such a part of our life in Charlotte- being involved with an amazing organization is inspiring and exciting.

Having an attitude of gratitude impacts our physical, emotional and social well-being.

There are so many situations that we have encountered recently where we found ourselves going back to PFO-isms. We are all working on so many different things – it’s easy to become overwhelmed and focus on the negatives. Being around the PFO teens, advisors and leadership, who are absolutely overflowing with gratitude, we say we are not our negative thoughts! We come from a place of gratitude! Be positive, put out into the world what you want back!

So remember, positive vibes only!!!!

Sending you all love & gratitude!

Alexis & Levin