Saturday was an amazing day at PFO. Absolutely insane. Chryssie Whitehead, a Broadway star, movie and TV actress, and comedian led all of the arts experiences, except visual art, in a dance workshop. I have never had so much confidence and self expression in my life. I learned that thoughts are poofs, and everyone will have them about you but they can’t hurt you. I felt so alive when I was moving, a feeling I have felt before. She taught us how to hold yourself with confidence but not too much. On Monday at school, I noticed how much more confident I was and the way I was carrying myself exuded that self-worth to everyone around me. I think everyone could say that I was proud and didn’t care about the poofs they thought about me. The lessons I learned are ones that I will hold on to for a very long time. Check out my Blog to read more about my PFO Experience!

-Virginia Blanton