Hey Journey Group! PFO is moving at a super fast pace since my committee, Slam Poetry, is performing our pieces for our non-profits on November 6th, which is only a month away! For the past few committee meetings, we’ve been perfecting our poems, working through writer’s block, and getting our poems memorized. Yesterday, someone in our committee was asked to perform their poem for the full group. I volunteered to go because I was feeling confident about my poem. But then, right before I performed, I started to get really nervous and worried that I wasn’t going to be the best I could be. I got into a cycle of self limiting thoughts, thinking that because I was really tired and not fully memorized nobody would like my poem. I was holding myself to my own high standards, because it was my first time writing slam poetry and first time performing. But as I was performing, I looked around the room and saw all of PFO’s faces engaged in my poem and when I was done, everyone clapped and cheered. It made me feel so appreciated and loved, and I realized that even if my best is not “perfect,” it is still my best, and the standards I hold myself to, I can prove wrong.I can’t wait to share my poem with the non-profit I’m honoring! In gratitude, Sarah