Hello! I’m Cole, one of the co-chairs of the slam poetry committee, partnered up with fellow co-chair Lucy and our advisor Eddie. Our committee, composed of 12 members, has worked this year to create original slam pieces for our 12 non-profit honorees, and we performed them at an event, Connecting Charlotte, on November 6th, 2014. With these pieces we wanted to simultaneously honor these great non-profits while keeping in mind our two vital life questions: Who am I? And how will I give of that? Our members had 6 weeks to come up with their poems, and we experienced the whole process of creating poetry to perform. There were funny moments, exciting moments, harder moments, and easier moments, but the process as a whole has definitely changed all 12 of us for the better, and we are all in a different place now than we were when we started. One of the most powerful moments we had as a committee was during one of our rehearsal days. We did a performance exercise where one person would do their poem, but everyone else would have their backs turned. The point of the exercise was for the audience members to turn around to face the poet when they really connected with a particular part of the poem. It was so incredibly powerful for our committee to share those little intimate moments and grow together as a whole. This activity really also helped us with performing our pieces, as it acted like a confidence booster for those performing. The brilliance of our committee members made this year as fantastic and exciting as it was. We are all grateful for the whole process of being slam poets.