What an incredible time it was at this weeks workshop! It was a crazy mix of Zumba, helpful little confidence boosters, and working on posture (which my mom will be all too happy to hear). We worked on movement and how the way you move helps to express who you are and how people will perceive you. But, we also discussed that how people perceive you is just “poofs”, it has no impact on you if you don’t let it, and I think that’s really important for everyone to know. I am so glad I got to experience this and really come out of my shell and move! Even as a former dancer I still am self conscious about the way I move to just the way I hold my hands, but who are those things really important to? When you hesitate to do something or be a little crazy, just think, who is going to care if you don’t? Thank you journey group, much love to you all!