Today in PFO, we had our sixth committee meeting, and our 3rd and final arts workshop. In our committee meeting, we reviewed the pictures we took and we talked about captioning our photos. Because we only have a few more weeks of committee meetings, today we had to pick only 5 pictures out of 25 or more that we have taken. We started to caption our 5 photos to relate them to our nonprofit, and we started to edit them. I had some trouble captioning some of my photos because I am not good with words. Also, I like to give people their own freedom to view the picture as they see it, and to have their own thoughts and ideas about it. However, I am getting better at captioning my pictures, with the help of my committee. Later in the day, we had our final arts workshop. Dance, Musical Theatre, and Children’s Theatre all combined today because we had a guest come in to teach us a class. She taught us about dancing with confidence. The one thing that I took away from this class was that I should have better posture and always look up when I am dancing. Thanks for reading! Louisa Stein