Hello Journey Group! I hope everything’s alright for you guys!! Last Saturday in PFO an actress by the name of Chryssie Whitehead came to talk to the musical theatre, dance, and children’s theatre. She had so much good advice and genuinely brought such a good energy to the room. Her visit genuinely left me rethinking my entire aura. She really made sure that we were stepping out of our comfort zones and actually learning from her visit. She showed me that it’s okay to be scared to do things sometimes, but you need to take risks. You need to actually live your life. Feel things. Laugh a lot. Make mistakes. Never ever give up. Enjoy yourself! Don’t let people’s “poofs” of you bring you down because at the end of the day, you are the only person who genuinely knows you and is with you at all times. It is so important to learn to love yourself and love others. Be confident, brave, loving, and kind. I think her wise words truly hit home with me. She was an extreme joy to work with and would adore to do it again!