Hi Journey Group! This past Saturday I had an awesome time! We had Crissy Whitehead, who has performed on Broadway and several movies, come do a movement workshop with us. It was both great fun, and uplifting to hear her teach. We not only did movement and dance, but she spoke a lot about how your confidence and openness has to come from within. She emphasized that making mistakes was okay not just in dance, but in life as well. I think this is a very important message that one needs to learn in order to be confident and comfortable. While PFO is a place that allows us to all be confident in who we are, it’s also important for us to learn how to take this lesson into spaces where we’re not so comfortable. Addtionally, the dancing, we did gave us a chance to let loose and express ourselves. I love dancing, even if it’s just dancing like a dork at a party. Hearing someone say that it’s okay to just let loose and have fun is great. I can’t wait for my musical theatre arts experience to start soon, where we all get to dance, sing, and act.