Hi Journey Group! This meeting, we finalized the instructions and ingredients on our recipes for the cookbook. I think it’s going to turn out great this year! The Summer section demoed a blueberry salsa for the committee and the whole PFO group! I got a taste of it and it was delicious. After committees, we ate lunch and then broke into our Arts experiences. We had another guest who taught us how to make silk scarves. We were given handouts with different patterns to try and taught how to do it. We had to dip our scarves in water, wring them out, and fold them according to the sheets. Then we clipped them and dyed them with the paint we were given. After we let them sit and dry, we had to iron them out to keep the colors in! It was really fun!. I didn’t really follow a pattern (I got a bit confused) but it still looks cool! My scarf is red, orange, and yellow! I really love it! Well, that about sums up this meeting. That’s all folks!!!