Hello Journey Group! I had another great day at PFO. One of the projects we have been doing as an organization is training for Charlotte’s Thunder Road 5K to run in honor of a fellow non-profit, Taylors Tale (http://taylorstale.org). Taylors Tale was founded by the King family and was created after their daughter, Taylor, was diagnosed with Battens Disease at age 6. Last year, Taylor’s sister ran the Thunder Road Race blindfolded to honor her sister, and this year some teens from PFO are doing the same. What is going to happen is two people, one blindfolded and one sighted, are going to walk or run the race to raise awareness for Battens Disease and one of the effects of this disease, blindness. We have been training every Sunday for about a month now to gear up for the big day on November 25th. The idea of running or even walking blindfolded was really intimidating to me at first, but thinking about the King family and the possibility of helping raise awareness for the disease that stole the eyesight of Taylor keeps me going. Thanks for reading and I will keep you posted about the training and the race. See you soon!