Hello again Journey Group! I can’t believe it’s already November! Today after our committee meeting, we had a movement workshop with the lovely Chryssie Whitehead. It was unlike any dance experience that I’ve had before. Chryssie was so energetic, encouraging, and wanted our best, whether that was good dancing or not. The first thing she talked to us about was posture, and throughout the workshop, my posture helped me do the dance moves and feel confident in doing them. She also taught us to keep going, even if we messed up. Don’t restart! Finish what you’ve started. This was a wonderful lesson that applies to life as well, and even though I messed up a lot of the moves, I kept going and had so much fun. I didn’t feel at all self conscious and I felt free and alive. It was a wonderful experience that no other and I’m so grateful that she took the time to come in and do a workshop with us. Thanks, Journey Group!