Hey Journey Group! Today was our sixth committee meeting and we also had an arts workshop! When I came to the meeting, I was so excited and hype for the approaching arts workshop. I was so excited to do some more paper mâché this week, but instead, we had a collaborative workshop with Musical Theatre and Dance experiences! We had a workshop lead by Chryssie Whitehead, who has been on Broadway and several TV shows, and it was a wonderful experience. We learned about body language and how others’ perceived us don’t actually physically hurt us and we only let them hurt us when we allow it. I also was really nervous when I heard we were going to dance. However, after doing some of the exercises Chryssie had us doing, I became comfortable extremely fast. I even got pointed out at one point in front of the whole group for doing so well. After this, I noticed that I wasn’t nervous or afraid of what anyone thought of me and It just made me remember how awesome and safe PFO is.