Hey Journey Group! I was away during this week’s committee meeting, but even still I had a busy PFO weekend! Sunday night I was a server at one of our Gratitude Dinners. Gratitude Dinners are where we invite people from around Charlotte to come listen to what PFO is all about and have a five-course meal provided by Cafe Monte. It was really a different experience than I’m used to in PFO. PFO we usually are our crazy, insane selves, but because of the nature of this event we had to be very polite and put together. I love it still, meeting new people and enjoying the story of PFO, and eating Monte’s delicious food! It was very fulfilling to be able to just sit people down and be like “Look. We’re PFO. This is us. Eat food. Enjoy,” if that makes sense. It was an experience, and I recommend you all to attend one if you can!