Hey Journey Group! Unfortunately, I was not able to go to PFO today for personal reason. Whilst PFO was happening, I was able to work on my Honors College essay for Arizona State. The focus of my essay was intellectual identity. Near the end of my essay I was thinking about Jen’s Ted Talk she did at TedxCharlotte and tied in a quote she said there: “”When you jump, you get too good. When you leap, you get to great.” Even though this quote was not particularly about intellectual identity, it is a quote that can be interpreted and used in many different ways. I found it interesting that even though I was not at PFO, I was still thinking about it and was inspired by PFO. To me, that just shows what a positive, powerful impact PFO has. I can’t wait to be back at PFO on the 15th of November and have the SAT and this application over with! Until next week, Riley.