Hi Jounrey Group! This Saturday we had another Arts Workshop, and I was so excited to attend! We were visited by Chrisse Whitehead, a Broadway performer. Our workshop was combined with Dance, Childrens Book, and Musical Theatre, so it definitely was something different! When I first heard a person that important was coming to visit us, I was a bit intimidated, but when she came, she so down to earth, and much like the rest of us! Chrisse was so energetic and kind! She taught us how to be more comfortable expressing ourselves through dance and movement. I am now paying attention to my posture a bit more! She explained that if you’re scared that others are thinking things about you, to think of their thoughts as ‘poofs’, and that those ‘poofs’ cant hurt you, much like puffs of clouds that you can blow away with a single exhale. We learned the choreography from “Chorus Line”, and I now have an idea of the energy level and effort required for musicals. I am so excited to bring what I learned into the Spring musical, and into my life!