Today was an AMAZING day at PFO! We had a movement workshop with the one and only, Chryssie Whitehead! I was really intimidated going into it, I mean this is someone who’s been on Broadway, TV, and film! But Chryssie was so nice and she immediately made everyone feel comfortable. She told us to just let loose and put it all out there, and to be confident in our movement, which was really eye opening. I hadn’t really thought about how self-esteem works in dance, but now I see it completely. If you always worry about what other people are thinking, your movements will come across as weak and unsure, and it wouldn’t be fun for you or the people watching you. I also had never really considered myself a dancer, but today I realized that anyone can dance! It doesn’t matter if you’ve had years of training or if you only dance in your room alone, it’s all still dancing. And even though we were dancing in front of someone who HAS had years of training, none of us cared! We were all just enjoying moving together and having fun. Today reminded me what a safe space PFO is, and how everyone involved is like family. I feel so comfortable in front of PFO teens and advisors, because everyone is so supportive and accepting. They really push me to be all that I can. Thanks PFO and Chryssie for an amazing day!