Today was super chill. I went and interviewed and got more details from Tyler ad began to edit and revise his story. After that we had a Lifetalk about showing gratitude and I think I really need to do that more. Because I don’t always tell people that I’m thankful for them, even if it’s just the little things it can make people happy. And when other people are happy then I’m happy too. We also wore our Halloween costumes and had a costume contest, but sadly Antho didn’t win. Then we had an art workshop and we made silk scarfs. Everyone’s turned out really nice, I only wish I had done a pattern because the style I chose was really difficult to work with. But it was so awesome to see Brandy and Amy Grace get excited about the project. I sometimes forget to get excited about stuff, and Shelby also made my day because she said she was grateful for me! I know I have a hard time with expressing emotions, but that made me really happy! Hopefull this week I can express the same gratitude towards others.