Yesterday kicked off the Month of Gratitude and I couldn’t be more excited! The Month of Gratitude is when people can make donations in honor (or gratitdue) of someone else. Then the city of the person being honored will light up on the GratiMap on the PFO website. It’s so cool! Also, as a part of the month of Gratitude, every teen in PFO, and some alumni, were given 15 PFO tattoos (to wear everyday of the month), and 30 gratitude symbol tattoos. To express gratitude, we are to give 1 gratitude symbol to a different person everyday. I love this because it gives me a chance to show gratitude to the people in my life. This also shows me that I shouldn’t just express gratitude because I’ve been told to, but that I should live my life with an attitude of gratitude and express it to people all the time. From now on I plan to express my gratitude to people everyday so that they definitely know how grateful I am. Because since “you don’t know what you don’t know,” how would anyone know I was grateful for them if I didn’t tell them? So, I challenge you, my Journey Group, to express gratitude to at least one person every day of November, for the month of gratitude. And going forward, it would be awesome if you could consider living your lives in gratitude and expressing it to people all the time. Oh! And make sure you are checking out your maps, and the PFO website, for some awesome events coming up and to see how the GratiMap is lighting up.